Neaton Auto Technical Center

The Neaton Automotive Technical Center (NATC) was built in 2001 and is at the heart of our product development process, bringing together planning, design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing methodology development. We meet customer expectations by increasing product value through tested and proven product performance. Our world-class NATC is equipped and staffed to respond quickly yet thoroughly, to the diversifying, ever-changing market needs.

The NATC not only tests products for our North American group but, we also provide outside testing services as well. For more information please call us at (937) 456-7103.


Quality Assurance

Automobiles must perform under severe conditions. We ensure the durability of Neaton products with simulation equipment that can reproduce all types of environmental conditions. In addition, we verify the safety and performance of our products with assistance from our state-of-the-art crash test system. Together with our proprietary evaluation techniques that are unique to individual products, we can provide peace of mind to automotive manufacturers, drivers and passengers.

  • Quality Assurance
    Crash Test
  • Quality Assurance
    Anthropomorphic Test Devices
    (crash test dummies)
  • Quality Assurance
    Large Drive-In
    Thermal Cycle Chamber
  • thermal imaging
  • Quality Assurance
    Testing Facilities
  • airbag deployment
    Airbag Static Deployment
  • impact testing
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    Crash Testing
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The world-class Neaton Automotive Technical Center (NATC) houses the following test equipment and employs the following processes to ensure the effectiveness of all our product quality, performance, and safety test results.

  • Simulated Crash Testing: The catapult in our NATC reproduces front and side collisions on test vehicles. By using instrumented anthropomorphic test devices, aka, crash test dummies, we can measure injury criteria and ensure the reliability of restraint devices like airbags & seatbelts. This testing is specified in FMVSS208.
  • Airbag Static Deployment Testing: Airbags completely deploy within 0.03 seconds. We ensure the performance of our airbag modules by recording their performance at 5,000 frames per second using high definition cameras and analyzing pressure readings from inside the bag.
  • Impact Testing: Our multi-Impact equipment has several different testing capabilities including body lock, airbag impact (FMVSS203), head form, free motion head (FMVSS201), and ejection mitigation (FMVSS226).
  • Environmental Testing Equipment We have various equipment that help us ensure product function and durability by reproducing severe natural environments including UV, extreme humidity and temperatures ranging from -70°C to 150°C, and external forces like vibration. The NATC also houses a large, drive-in thermal cycle chamber that can accommodate an entire vehicle to test airbag deployments at hot and cold temperatures, as well as a large walk-in thermal cycle chamber with IR lights.

Global Product Development and Testing Capabilities